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A different BBHQ trivia question every day. Today: Who said, of the U.S., “History is on our side. We will bury you!“
We'll have the answer - and another question... tomorrow. BBHQ members: last 5 days Q&A


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Freedom: Of Thee I Cherish
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 Baby Boomer HeadQuarters

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The BBHQ Monday Morning Upper:

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This Week’s Newsletter

Newsletter Archives Are Here

Welcome to Baby Boomer HeadQuarters, the spot on the net for true baby boomers... or baby boomers at heart. Your host is Hershel Chicowitz.

We have memorabilia, pictures, posters and autographs, trivia, pictures, books, lyrics, music, videos, and memories of the most exciting decades of the century: the 50s, 60s and 70s.

The BBHQ Newsletter

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This Week’s Essay:

A Grateful Heart

  Andy Andrews admitted that people cannot simply snap their fingers and choose to be happy.

“It's a little more complicated than that, he acknowledged.” But then he zeroed in on the target: “I do believe that somebody can choose to be grateful, and that happiness is a product of gratefulness.”

Recent Stories
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Al Gore to Earth: You’re Dead!
Earth Day
The Boomers’ Verbal Collage
The Death of a Friend
Remember When: Play Ball!
Mr. Brownthumb
Crab Cakes
The Chairman of the Board
Hard-Wired Decency

The Very Best of BBHQ:

Just Shoot Me!
The Little Red Hen
Another Side of
        the Greatest Generation

Midlife Crisis – The Defining

The Chicowitz Gets Dumped
Down for the Count
The Plastic Surgery Saga
Why am I Still Single?
The Mixer – A Singles Story
Do You Remember These?

A Grateful Heart —  Click here for our weekly essay
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The BBHQ Featured Book is the “Bobby Rydell – Teen Idol on the Rocks.” This is a “behind the scenes” story of one of the boomers’ first rock n’ roll stars. Told in the first person, Bobby chronicles his short ride to the pinnacle of fame
and fortune, his glide through the 70s and 80s, and how he nearly lost it all. Relax; it has a happy ending. Bobby was (and is) a “normal” Philly guy... with an absolute love of music and an amazing gift. For any fan of early rock n’ roll, it’s a wonderful story. And yes, Bobby Rydell is still on tour, playing to boomer fans all over the world.

Click here for a closer look at the book.

The Boomer Money Series
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The Boomer Health Care Series
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In This Week with the Chicowitz, This week, Hershel shares some advice... perfect for the season:

Andy Andrews admitted that people cannot simply snap their fingers and choose to be happy. “It's a little more complicated than that, he acknowledged.” But then he zeroed in on the target: “I do believe that somebody can choose to be grateful, and that happiness is a product of gratefulness.”  

Now... it’s a YouTube sensation. Help make the video “go viral” here.

ObamaCare - Lower Your Premiums
by $2,500

Guaranteed! Not once; but 21 times. ObamaCare will lower your premiums by $2,500, per family, per year. It’s money in the bank! Count on it!

Trump Can’t Win

Between 2011 and October, 2016 the media experts predicted. The laughed at the notion that Donald Trump might win the presidency.

Please make note of our address: WWW.BBHQ.COM, and add us to the “favorite places” on your browser. We promise to have something new every week; something worth coming back for.

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Our site is aimed at young-at-heart boomers, but all of the material here is “family-oriented.” Beaver Cleaver (whom I know personally – OK, so I spoke with him twice... briefly) and his family would feel right at home here. We hope you do, too. And we encourage you to let your kids wander around here. Let them see what it was like in “the good ol’ days.”

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