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Baby Boomer HeadQuarters: The Boomer Crew

The spirit behind the Chicowitz Clan is Madam Red Dot. Officially, she is my personal editor and spirtual advisor, but in fact, she is so much more than that. Madam Red Dot also handles some of the mail. If all the words are spelled right, it has Red Dots fingerprints on it. Madam Red Dot

Princess Our mascot is Princess. In person (if thats the right term here), Princess attracts the most attention. Shes a 16 year-old, pure-bred, Australian Shepherd.

  Mr. Jules Mr. Jules, a delightful chap with a British accent, is our artist-in-residence. This is his self-portrait, eerily reminiscent of that famous Van Gogh self-portrait:

Frankly, I am a little disappointed. A full-length portrait would have been so much more revealing.

And me; Im Hershel. This is me with my two best friends, Bill & Hillary:

Im in the middle, with Bill & Hillary on either side. No, you guess which is which.

My short bio-sketch is here.

Me and my two best friends

This is a picture of Madam Red Dot and me coming out of makeup just prior to a recent appearance on the Letterman Show: HMC & Red Dot

We all hang out at the compound in Florida:

The Compound

Click here to see the Extended Family

Baby Boomer HeadQuarters, BBHQ, was designed and is maintained by The Chicowitz Word Factory, located at the compound in Florida. We have been 40 years in the making, but we poped up on the Internet on July 23, 1997. In May, 1998, our site was recognized by the webmaster at, a guy who who knows more about web site design than a whole stadium full of computer nerds. And hes a boomer, too!

BBHQ is an advertising affiliate of; but that is the extent of our association with them. They do not control any part of BBHQ. We are not a part of any larger organization. This is it; this am us. Were just a small group of boomers doing what we love to do: remembering the boomer years, and spreading the word.

We change the content of our site nearly every day. And behind the scenes, more than you can possibly imagine is going on. If you have trouble accessing our pages, or if something doesnt work right, its probably our fault. Please let us know, and well work up a speedy fix. If you write to us or send us a message, well nearly always respond within 2 days. If we dont, it may be that you provided an invalid e-mail address.

You can reach us by e-mail.

You may, with our blessing and encouragement, add a link from your web site to WWW.BBHQ.COM. However, unless otherwise noted, all written material here is copyrighted by Baby Boomer HeadQuarters, and may not be reproduced in any form without our written permission; but were flattered by your interest, and usually generous in our offerings.

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