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The Boomer Essays

The Boomer Health Care Series
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The Midlife

Crisis Series

Middle Age &

the Mazdamobile

The Teach, Preach and Nag Series
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The Boomer Money Series
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The BBHQ Vacation Series
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“The stories that you tell about your past shape your
future.” – Eric Ransdell.

These essays, most of which are intended to be humorous, should help you understand the boomer generation. If you are a boomer, you’ll get a kick out these; surely, you've been there. If you are a “son of a boomer,” or other post-boomer, these should help you understand your seemingly wacky elders.

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BBHQ Boomer Stories
The Complete List

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A Boomer Remembers

BoomerSpeak To the Moon! The Boomers’ Verbal Collage Do You Remember These? November 22, 1963: We Remember When the Music was Fun Remember When: Play Ball! The Transistor Radio The Great Carsoni Sinatra: The Chairman of the Board The Sweet 60s Memories of the Sock Hop The Lost Art of Conversation Ronald Reagan: Hard-Wired Decency The 50s Lyrics You Know You Know Remembering Woodstock The Day the Music Died

Boomer Stories

AARP: A Warning for Boomers Michael Buble High School Sweetheart Rock On! When the Music Had Words Rock On, Rod Stewart! When the Music Had Words — Part 2 We’re 65! We Are Not One Boomer

The Freedom Series

The Declaration of Independence — What it Says; What it Means Free People, Free Markets Another Side of Freedom The Purest Form of Democracy Threats to Freedom Cherish and Protect Freedom Freedom: Earn This The Measure of Sacrifice Where is My America? What’s Right About the USA

Hershel’s Stories

Why am I Still Single? My Little Girl, Princess Exploring My Roots A Trip to the Dentist Up Periscope Love Songs of the Chicowitz The Chicowitz Goes Country He Sleeps with the Fishes Just Shoot Me The Mixer – A Singles Story That Dirty Dancing The Chicowitz Gets Dumped... Again Crab Cakes Tool Time with the Chicowitz Our House is a Very Very Fine House – NOT Our House – Home Improvement Our House – Part 3: Reclaiming Our Past Great Quotations The Battle of Goofy Mr. Brownthumb A Letter to Miss Busek Down for the Count Earth Day Observations Phyllis Levine: Another Side of the Greatest Generation Contemplations on the Hereafter Where Have All the Hippies Gone? We’re on a Mission of Love Number, Please Signs, Signs; Everywhere a Sign Technology Good — Technology Bad Technology Good — Technology Bad – Part 2 The First Date Hershel’s Quick Takes on the News

Health Care

Health Care – In Their Own Words Health Care – Part 1: The Best System on Earth Health Care – Part 2: Not Your Employer’s Responsibility Health Care – Part 3: The Godfather Speaks Health Care – Part 4: The Marketplace Health Care: Medicare Myopia Health Care: 29 Reasons to Oppose Obamacare Health Care: “Diet, Not Diabetes” — ?? Health Care: It’s My Right Health Care: What is Insurance? Health Care: A Billion Here, a Billion There Health Care: A Tale of Two Toes Health Care: Real Health Care Savings Health Care: Plight of the Uninsured Health Care: Obamacare – Lies and Distortion Health Care: The Next Great Entitlement Health Care: Health Insurance – The Next Shoe Health Care – Beyond Fiction The Role of Government Happy Birthday, Obamacare! Obamacare: The Biggest Loser The President Misspoke

Middle Age for the Mazdamobile

Middle Age and the Mazdamobile Tome of the Mazdamobile ISO Travel Companion The Search for a Travel Companion Ends

Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis: Introduction Midlife Crisis: The Photo Shoot Midlife Crisis: The Defining Moment Midlife Crisis: The Saga Continues Midlife Crisis: Fighting Back Midlife Crisis: The Straight Scoop


The Coming Backlash – ? Unraveling the Buffett Rule Contraception Misdirection Fair and Balanced Hillary: Sweet Revenge in 2012 Barack Obama – All You Need to Know Dissecting Nancy Pelosi Professor Barack Obama The Little Red Hen The Selective Shutdown

Social Isssues

Bloomin’ Boomers Cell Phones and Other Crimes and Misdemeanors The Culture War: The War on Words The Fat Tax Grand Grand Rapids This Scandal Really Matters Labor Day – the Entrepreneur The Last Swimming Pool A Taxpayer Bill of Rights The Case Against Early Voting Bill of Rights – The Second Amendment The New Math Al Gore to Earth: You’re Dead! The Moment

Teach, Preach & Nag

If I Wanted America to Fail The Boomer Lyrics Are With Us Everywhere The Death of a Friend Everybody’s Got a Story! A Grateful Heart The “Kick Me” Generation School Violence: Lessons from the Past Life is Good! The New American Dream The Age of Non-Responsibility Of Values and Legacies My Kingdom for a Plain Burger The Myth of “Public Service” Rules, Boundaries and Consequences The Measure of Success Take Care of Yourself Remembering “Thank You” Things We’ll Learn The Seeds of Character We’re 65; Now What? Don’t Give Up; Don’t Give In

We’re on Vacation!

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N — We’re on Vacation A-Camping We Will Go A-Camping We Did Go Travels with Princess – Part 1 Travels with Princess – Part 2 Me and You and a Dog Named Princess The Whole Dam Vacation Savannah: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Hershel On Top of Old Smoky The Great Fall Vacation The Zipline Adventure Time to Think The Days of Summers Past

Traditions of Christmas

Traditions of Christmas – Simple Family Traditions Traditions of Christmas – Remembrance.... and Friends Traditions of Christmas – Christmas Cards Traditions of Christmas – Songs and Stories Traditions of Christmas – The Gift of Giving Traditions of Christmas – Decorating the Tree Traditions of Christmas – The Bowling Pin Traditions of Christmas – The Making of a Christmas Card Traditions of Christmas – Christmas on a Toothpick Traditions of Christmas – The Paper Route Years Traditions of Christmas – The Christmas Tree Farm Traditions of Christmas – Sing-Along at Christmas Traditions of Christmas – Boomer-era Christmas Hit Parade The “A” List Hershel’s “Wish List” A Hammacher-Schlemmer Christmas A Trans-Siberian Christmas Merry Christmas, Y’all The Christmas Story The War on Christmas

The Money Series

Money 101: Incentive Debt Ceiling for Dummies Money 101: Going in Style Money 101: The Boomers’ Greatest Immorality Money 101: Getting the Deficit Under Control Money 101: Why the Debt Matters Money 101: A Dramatic Approach to Reducing the Debt Money 101: “Extreme, Draconian Budget Cuts” Money 101: The IRS Cafe Money 101: Your Fair Share The Case for Higher Tax Rates Money 101: Eat the Rich! Money 101: Soak the Rich! Stick it to Beaver – A True Story

The Plastic Surgery Saga

Under the Knife – Part 1 Under the Knife – Part 2 Under the Knife – Part 3

Boomer Retirement

Boomer Retirement: Part 1 – Hell No; We Won’t Go! Boomer Retirement, Part 2: What Will We Do? Boomer Retirement, Part 3: Do Not Go Gentle

Everything Else

Things to Come — or — “There’ll be an App for That” Things to Come, Part II Things to Come, Part III Things to Come, Part IV: The Dark Side To Tell the Truth – Episode 1 To Tell the Truth – Episode 2 To Tell the Truth – The Guggenheim Museum Episode The Guggenheim Malfunction New York, New York – it’s a Wonderful Town! Occupy BBHQ The Island of Youth Contemplating Fraud The Gettysburg Address

213 Boomer Stories... and more coming soon.

On Writers:

Ours is a useful trade, a worthy calling
with all its lightness and frivolity
it has one serious purpose,
one aim, one speciality
and it is constant to it:
the deriding of shams;
the exposure of pretentious falisities;
the laughing of stupid supersitions out of existence.

And that who so is by instinct engaged in this sort of warfare
is the natural enemy of royalities, nobilities, priviliges,
and all kindred swindles,
and the natural friend of human rights and human liberties.

        - Mark Twain

A BBHQ Pop Quiz: From a 1967 hit song, finish the last line:
 Who’s peekin’ out from under a stairway
calling a name that’s lighter than air?
Who’s bending down to give me a rainbow?
Everyone knows it’s

Your final answer is....

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