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Democrats Rule

Our Boomer-In-Charge here at BBHQ, Hershel Chicowitz, writes frequently about current events... from a boomer perspective. He is sometimes funny, sometimes provocative, sometimes a little of each. We hope you get a kick out of our Boomer Essays.

This is about the heart and soul — the conscience of the leaders of the Democratic party. As a policy, as a mode of conduct, they make ’em up as they go along. They do what they want to do; period. If the rules or the election does not turn out as they desire, as much as possible, they dispute and ignore the results. They have no respect for the rule of law or the people they were elected to serve.

The political party conventions were long and exhausting. But they provide an insight into what the party leadership believes and what they want us to see. What we see, however, is not always consistent with the political policies and issues they practice. Last week, at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, Democrats revealed far more than they intended.

A Little Background

Every four years each party develops a "platform" — a statement of principles upon which the party stands. Elected officials are not bound by the contents of the platform. But the platform helps guide party leaders across the country on the philosophy of the party. As a whole, the party stands for what its leaders say it stands for.

Months before each convention, party leaders take the current platform and modify it to reflect the current beliefs of the party leaders. Usually any changes are minor and are made to appeal to certain constituencies of the electorate in order to address "hot button" issues of the day.

Yes, there are committees and representatives providing input into the platform. But in the end, the contents of the platform is controlled by the presidential candidate of the party. An incumbent president always has more control over his party's platform than does the nominee of the opposing party.

The content of the platform is determined prior to the commencement of the convention, and presented to the delegates as part of the convention activities.

In 2008, there was a reference to God, as the grantor of our rights. The platform declared that Americans should be able to "reach their God-given potential..." As benign as that sounded, it was an acknowledgement of a higher power. In 2012, the belief of Democrat leadership changed it to this: "... should be able to go as far as their own talent and drive could take them." A minor and insignificant change? Perhaps.

But it is significant that, through the years, there have been fewer and fewer references to God. In the 2012 platform, there was none.

After the Ink Had Dried

But on Wednesday, members of the press realized the omission. Yes, it was Fox News that made an issue of it. No God. (And no reference to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.) The Democrats had deleted God and slapped Israel. Coincidnece? I think not.

Now, this may seem like a trivial matter to you. But it is part of a clear and deliberate pattern. The Democrats have been subjugating religion for years. The diminution has accelerated under the Obama administration, highlighted with the recent attack on the Catholic church. The Democrat leadership wants people to place their government on a higher level than their religion. It is part of their strategy.

But they had intended to carry out their strategy as quietly as possible. With the exposure to the nation every night in prime time, the Democrats determined that they could not let such a bold statement stand.

So, they did what they always do. They ignored the rules.

"We Make'em up as We Go Along"

The rules of the Democratic National Committee specify that any changes to the platform must be discussed and approved by the rules committee of the party. That's their rule. George Bush did not mandate that rule. Halliburton did not etch that rule in stone. The Supreme Court did not dictate that rule. The Democrat party themselves made that rule!

But on this day, with the TV cameras rolling, the Democrats simply ignored the rule they had formulated, and changed the platform on the fly.

The rules further specify that changes must be approved by a two thirds majority of the delegates. Two-thirds — 67 percent. That means that twice as many people must vote in favor of the platform change as vote against it. Twice as many.

Time being of the essence, the head of the Democratic National Convention, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, called for a voice vote — an election determined by people voting orally. And so they did.

A two third-s majority? Well, you listen. You decide.

Did that sound like two-thirds to you? Well, for the sake of you who did not watch the video... clearly it was not a two-thirds majority. Not even close.

So, what did Mr. Villaraigosa do? Well, he proclaimed that it was close enough. The measure passed; God was re-instated.

At least for now.

video size + 8; loading....

(Actually, it was not Mr. Villaraigosa's decision. Democrat leaders pulling the strings had decided the matter themselves, before the phony vote had been taken. Mr. Villaraigosa was merely reading from a script on the teleprompter telling him what to say.)

This is Democrat (with a capital "D") governance on display!

After they had been caught, Democrat leaders claimed that the deletion was a technical error... unintentional... it just happened. "Mistakes were made."

Balderdash! No one's believing that garbage from them any more. No one!

They subvert the system; they make up their own rules. And then they lie about it.

That dramatic and revealing performance is reminiscent of what Democratic Representative Alcee Hastings said when he was questioned about the shenanigans pulled by the Democrats during the health care debate in 2010.

"When the deal goes down... we make 'em up as we go along."

video size + 8; loading....

The Last Word

Friends, this is not about the inclusion of God in the Democrats' platform, or the importance of God in our society. That debate is for another day. This is not about the Democratic National Committee, either.

This is about the heart and soul — the conscience of the leaders of the Democratic party. As a policy, as a mode of conduct, they make 'em up as they go along. They do not care about the rule of law (as evidenced by the most popular speaker at the convention, proven liar Bill Clinton); they do not care about what the people they represent believe or wish. They do what they want to do; period. If the rules or the election does not turn out as they desire, as much as possible, they dispute and ignore the results. And then they lie about it.

This is a party with no respect for the rule of law, no sense of decency, no concern about the truth. and no consideration of the people they are supposed to serve.

Their actions in Charlotte last week make that obvious and irrefutable.

Now... what are you prepared to do about it?

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