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The BBHQ Music Room
The Music and Events of 1957

Our favorite songs of 1957 included these:

Title Artist
Ain’t Got No Home Henry, Clarence “Frogman”
All Shook Up Presley, Elvis
All the Way Sinatra, Frank
April Love Boone, Pat
Auctioneer, the Van Dyke, Leroy
Banana Boat (Day-O) Belafonte, Harry
Be-Bop Baby Nelson, Ricky
Big River Cash, Johnny
Black Slacks Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones
Blue Monday Domino, Fats
Bony Moronie Williams, Larry
Bye Bye Love Everly Brothers
C. C. Rider Hunter, Ivory Joe
Chances Are Mathis, Johnny
Chicago Sinatra, Frank
Come and Go With Me Del-Vikings
Come Go With Me Del-Vikings
Diana Anka, Paul
Don’t Leave Me Now Presley, Elvis
Every Day Holly, Buddy
Four Walls Reeves, Jim
Fraulein Helms, Bobby
Gone Husky, Ferlin
Hey Doll Baby Everly Brothers
Honeycomb Rodgers, Jimmy
Hula Love Knox, Buddy
I Need Your Love Tonight Presley, Elvis
It’ll Be Me Lewis, Jerry Lee
It’s Not for Me to Say Mathis, Johnny
I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write M Williams, Billy
I’m Walkin’ Domino, Fats
Jailhouse Rock Presley, Elvis
Jamaica Farewell Belafonte, Harry
Jim Dandy Baker, Lavern
Just Because Price, Lloyd
Keep A-Knockin’ Little Richard
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Rodgers, Jimmy
Little Bitty Pretty One Harris, Thurston
Little Darlin’ Diamonds
Little Darlin’ Gladiolas
Lotta Lovin’ Vincent, Gene
Love is Strange Mickey & Sylvia
Love Letters in the Sand Boone, Pat
Lucille Little Richard
Mailman Bring Me No More Blues Holly, Buddy
Move on Down the Line Orbison, Roy
Mr. Lee Bobbettes
Not Fade Away Holly, Buddy
Oh Baby Doll Berry, Chuck
Old Cape Cod Page, Patti
Over the Mountain, Across the Sea Johnny & Joe
Paralyzed Presley, Elvis
Party Doll Knox, Buddy
Party Doll Lawrence, Steve
Peggy Sue Holly, Buddy
Ready Teddy Presley, Elvis
Rock and Roll Music Berry, Chuck
Rock Your Little Baby to Sleep Knox, Buddy
Rockin’ Pneumonia & Boogie Woogie Blues Smith, Huey
Round and Round Como, Perry
School Days Berry, Chuck
Searchin’ Coasters
Should We Tell Him Everly Brothers
Silhouettes Diamonds
Silouettes Rays
Since I Met You Baby Hunter, Ivory joe
Stardust Cole, Nat King
Tammy Reynolds, Debbie
Teddy Bear Presley, Elvis
Tennessee Flat Top Box Cash, Johnny
That’ll be the Day Holly, Buddy
Thousand Miles Away Heartbeats
Too Much Presley, Elvis
Treat Me Nice Presley, Elvis
Twelfth of Never Mathis, Johnny
Wake Up Little Susie Everly Brothers
Walkin’ After Midnight Cline, Patsy
Wear My Ring Vincent, Gene
White Sport Coat & a Pink Carnation Robbins, Marty
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On Lewis, Jerry Lee
Why Baby Why Boone, Pat
Words of Love Holly, Buddy
Worryin’ Kind, the Sands, Tommy
You Send Me Cooke, Sam
Young and Beautiful Presley, Elvis
Young Blood Coasters
Young Love James, Sonny
You’ve Got Love Holly, Buddy
You’ve Got What It Takes, Baby Benton, Brook
You’ve Got What It Takes, Baby Johnson, Marv

Meanwhile, in 1957...

President Eisenhower begins his second term as President.

The Academy award for Best Picture goes to "The Bridge on the River Kwai."

The Wankel rotary engine, which uses only 2 moving parts, will be used in some German and Japanese engines. This engine could revolutionize automobile manufacturing.

In October and November, the Russians launch Sputnik I and Sputnik II, signaling the beginning of the "space race." Sputnik I weighs 184 pounds, Sputnik II carries a live dog into space.

For the first time, U.S. consumption of margarine overtakes that of butter.

China takes a "Great Leap" forward: China puts more than half a billion peasants into 24,000 "people's communes." The people are guaranteed food, clothing, shelter, and child care, but deprived of all private property. Folks, this is communism. Know it when you see it.

The first U.S. civil rights bill since the Civil War reconstruction days passes Congress, establishing a Civil Rights Commission and providing safeguards for voting rights.

President Eisenhower uses federal troops to control demonstrations against integration in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Dr. Seuss offers boomers "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

"West Side Story" premieres on Broadway. A few months later, "The Music Man" opens. How do you top that? The answer is: you don't.

Barry Gordy, Jr. invests $700 to found "Motown Records." And the rest, as they say... is history.

Israel rejects a United Nations resolution calling for her to withdraw from Egypt's Gaza Strip and other occupied Egyptian territory unless she receives more UN assurance that her own territory will be protected. Sound familiar?

Doctors begin testing the birth control pill to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

4.3 million boomers are born this year, more than in any year before... or since.

Just in time for the boomers, the Wham-O company introduces the Frisbee.

Over 1,000 computers are built in 1957.... up from 20 in 1954.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is thrown out of the AFL-CIO on charges of corruption. Jimmy Hoffa becomes head of the Teamsters.

Ford spends $250 million to market the Edsel. Oh where, oh where did it all go?

New York takes its last trolley car out of service.

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