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My Favorite Pets

We love pets here at BBHQ... or at least well-behaved pets. Dogs, cats, horses... and maybe even ferrets and birds. On this page, we're giving you a change to show pictures of your favorite pet(s) to our visitors.

We're going to start with pictures of MY favorite pets, but we are eager to include yours. Please, please... please send us your picture(s), one at a time, using the form below:

(Enter your name or other ID and/or a brief title or description of your picture.)

File name:   find the file on your computer.
(Enter the complete file name of your picture, or click the Browse button to find the picture on your computer. Your file must be a .JPG, .BMP, or .GIF file, less than 200 kb in size.)

E-mail address:  
(Optional: We'd like you to enter your e-mail address so we can confirm receipt of your picture or ask questions about it. We will not post your e-mail address, and we will never provide your e-mail address to anyone.)

(Kinko's can scan your photographs and put them on a diskette. Or, you can send any picture, via ground mail, to us at BBHQ, P.O. Box 11611 Tampa, FL 33680. We'll scan your picture(s) and return them to you.)

Now... my favorite pets:

This is my little girl, Princess. She is an 8 year-old Australian Shepherd. We show off Princess frequently here at BBHQ:

    While on a trip to Williamsburg, Virgina Princess raided a trash can. She had to spend the afternoon in the strockade:

You can read more about Princess here.

My first Aussie was RJ. He was a sweetie, too:

Our family pet when I was growing up was Chark, a 65-pound German Shepherd. Chark was part of the family. Here is he posing for one of our family Christmas cards:

The first contribution from a BBHQ visitor is a picture of Nikko. Nikko is king at Buddy and Sue Clarke's house. He (?) even has his own door... with his name on it:

        Nikko asks, "Who's better looking, me or Eeyore?"

This is Tucker:

        Hannah: the coolest dog in the world.

The owner says this is a cat laughing. We reserve judgment:

        And this cat is just hanging out... sideways:

This is Bandit, Joe and Janelle Humphrey's Boston Terrier.

        Honey Pie, the K9 couch potato:

Tango and Coco:

        Rosie Dude:

Wacky Weiner Dogs:

        Birthday Liverwurst Cake:

Rocky's Rock:

        Sweet Sparkles:

King Max:


The Magnificent Stella:

        This one is titled "Time for a change." We agree:

Now... it's your turn. Use the form above to send us picture(s) of your favorite pets.

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