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The Boomers' Peace Sign

  BBHQ Notable Quotations    BBHQ Notable Quotations
  BBHQ Notable Quotations

According to our research, the peace sign, which boomers embraced in the 60s, is actually similar in appearance to the Teutonic rune (a symbol or letter) of death. (Ironic, huh?) Rumor has it that in the late 50s Gerald Holtom, a peacenik before peaceniks became fashionable, was commissioned by communist sympathizer Bertrand Russell to create a symbol to unite leftist peace marchers.

Either Holtom or Russell chose the Teutonic (Neronic) cross as the appropriate symbol for their cause. According to some sources, it was conceived by placing the signs N and D (for Nuclear Disarmament) from the international marine flag signalling system on top of each other, and circumscribing the combination with a circle. In its present form, it was initially used as a rallying sign at the 1958 demonstration against Aldermaston (a British research center for the development of nuclear weapons). The boomers picked it up from there, and used it as their "peace sign" throughout the late 60s and into the 70s.

However, over the last 2,000 years, a symbol much like the 60s peace sign symbolized hatred of Christians. Roman leader Nero, who allegedly despised Christians, crucified the Apostle Peter on a cross, head downward. This event resembled the Teutonic cross and became a popular pagan insignia of the day. Thereafter, this sign became known as the 'Neronic cross.'

Occult believer Albert Pike also identifies this symbol as mystical in his book on Freemasonry Morals and Dogma.

A BBHQ Pop Quiz: On television, her nickname was “Weezy.” What was the character’s last name.

Your final answer is....

The peace sign is also tied to the mystic character for 'Aum' (the split 'Y'). This is a sacred word to the Hindu. Chanting 'Aum' is supposed to help awaken 'the serpent power of Brahma' at the base of the human spine. Remember the Hare Krishnas sitting in a circle chanting, "Aum"? - Works for me; except for the haircut.

During the 1970s, the South African government considered forbidding the peace symbol. They considered it to be anti-Christian and pro-Communist. This would have made the anti-capitalist peaceniks very pleased. But their influence was waning by the mid-seventies, and the peace sign slipped silently into the bonds of history... and some tie-dyed t-shirts at a local flea market.

At least... that's what we have picked along our journey through life.

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