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BBHQ Rate Card

Thanks for your interest in advertising with Baby Boomer HeadQuarters (BBHQ). We believe that BBHQ is a great place to advertise. Here's why:

  You know who is seeing your message. Eighty-five percent of our visitors are baby boomers. They are not children; most of them are at the peak of their earning power. (See our Visitor Profile page for more information on our visitors.)

  Visitors do not usually surf in and then immediately surf out of BBHQ. Each Visitor spends an average of about 6 minutes at BBHQ.

  We create a sense of community, not that of a big, impersonal organization. This makes our messages more personal and credible.

  We are very loyal to our advertisers.

We are eager to work with you to develop an advertising package that suits your needs. We can place banner ads, navigation buttons, text messages, and articles on our site that promote your product or service. Our advertising package is personal; we communicate directly with you. We do far more than those automated inserts to help promote you and your product.

Newsletter Insert: $100

The easiest (and perhaps most effective) way to reach our audience is with a newsletter insert. Over 6,000 boomers have subscribed to our opt-in, no-spam newsletter. And they DO read and respond! (We e-mail our Newsletter every Monday. Everybody reads our Newsletter! The link to our Trivia Teaser generates a 10% response rate.) You can see samples of our newsletter here.

Your newsletter insert includes the following:

  A teaser message (15-25 words) near the top of our newsletter

  A longer message (50-75 words, plus a graphic image, if desired), including a link to your web site near the end of the newsletter.

Currently, we run only one ad in our newsletter. Your ad will not compete with any other advertiser in our newsletter.

As part of this package, we will also place a link to your site near the top of our Home Page coinciding with the newsletter insert. (Approximately 15,000 people visit our home page each month).

We will run your insert in our newsletter and a link on our Home Page for four consecutive weeks for $100. (For an additional $50, we will place the graphic image in the teaser section of our newsletter.)

This is the structure of our newsletter, showing where your insert will appear:

Navigation Button:

Minimum investment: $500

We will place a button with a link to your site on our navigation bar for $250 per month, with a minimum of two months. The navigation bar appears at the top of nearly every page at BBHQ.

(For $275 per month, we will make your button a different color; for $300 per month, we will use an animated button.)

Banner Ad:

Minimum investment: $150

You can place a banner ad at the top of the leading page of any major section at BBHQ. (Major sections include the Music Room, the Sixties Section, the Seventies Section, the Music Room, the Baby Boomer Exams, Library, Trivia Library, This Week with the Chicowitz, and our Newsletter.) The banner ad can, of course, include a link to your site. We will also place a brief description (15-25 words) of your product or service (including a link) at the bottom of every page that is a part of the section. We will also mention you and your product or service (about 25-50 words) and provide a link to your site in four consecutive issues of our e-mail Newsletter.

The price for a banner ad on any major section at BBHQ (except the Baby Boomer Exams and our Home Page) is $20 per 1,000 impressions, with a minimum of 10,000 impressions. (That means that your ad will be viewed on visitors' browsers 10,000 times.)

The Best Deal: The price for a banner ad in our Baby Boomer Exam Section is $25 per 1,000 impressions, with a minimum of 10,000 impressions. We will place your banner ad at the top of each of the three of the exams. We will also include a brief description of your product or service and a link to your site in every e-mail report card we send to visitors who take one of our exams. This is your best way to ensure repeated exposure to your message.

The Most Economical Deal: The price for a banner ad on our Home Page is $30 per 1,000 impressions, with a minimum of 5,000 impressions.

Text Message and Link:

Minimum investment: $120

We can place a button (about 110 pixels by 110 pixels, or 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches) at the top right corner of any page at BBHQ. This button would have the name of your company, logo, or other ID on it. When a visitor clicks the button, a small window pops up containing a text message about your product or service, and a link to it. (Click the button on the right to see how this works.)

The price for a button text message on our Home Page is $40 per month, with a minimum of 6 months. The price for a button text message on any other page is $20 per month, with a minimum of 6 months.


Minimum investment: $100

We will place your article about your product or service on our site and make it accessible to visitors via a link from our Home Page and our Main Menu. You may place an article on our site, with a link to your site, for $25 per month (with a minimum of 4 months).

You can provide your own banner, or we will help you create one. Your banner ad must be a GIF or JPEG file, less than 40 kb. The maximum dimensions for a banner are 660 pixels by 60 pixels.

Our rates are subject to change, and we are extremely flexible. Naturally, we offer a discount for multiple ads. So, no matter how you want to reach your target audience of baby boomers... we can find a way to help you. We're not a big, stuffy corporation. We're just a group of boomers doing what we love to do.

You can reach us by e-mail.

Thanks again for your interest in BBHQ!