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The Shaker Heights High School Reunion Central

Shaker High Red Raiders

Class of '67 40th Anniversary Reunion: WHAT A TERRIFIC TIME!! Pictures and commentary available (below), and video and the multimedia CD will be available soon. Sign in to our registry below to receive (no spam) updates.

Pictures and commentary from the reunion are here!

You can take the Class of '67 Qualifying Exam here.

You can view miscellaneous SHHS pictures here.

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This picture comes from a 1964 edition of the Shakerite. It looks like it was taken on a fall Saturday afternoon, half-time of a football game.    

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This section of Baby Boomer HeadQuarters is aimed at the alumni of Shaker Heights High School (SHHS). Here you can see pictures of SHHS in the sixties, add your name and other notes to the list, and look for other graduates. We also have some memorable essays about our classmates and growing up in Shaker Heights in the sixties.

Most of the pictures of people and places in Shaker Heights that we have are in the essays.

For 60s trivia involving SHHS, take our SHHS edition of the Baby Boomer Exam.

We have all four directories of SHHS grads that have been published, starting with the class of at 1917 and going right through 2007. If the person you are looking for has not signed in here, you can request a directory search. We'll check out the name and address in the directories, and e-mail you the result. You can also report your change of address here. We'll record it in our records and forward it to the SHHS Alumni Association.

[ What's that? Got the wrong Shaker High? Looking for Shaker High School in Latham, NY? You'll find it here: ]

Remember these?

What was this called?

You are excused from work while you revisit our high school.

The Sussex School Class of '67 - Then (Grade 6, 1961) and 1997:

The "Hallelujah Chorus":

Every year while I was at SHHS, the high school choir concluded the Christmas concert with the "Hallelujah Chorus." Director Reynold Ellis (during my years) would turn to the audience and ask Shaker Heights High School Choir alumni to come up on stage and join the choir for the chorus. The stage would swell with eager and respectful alumni, and the audience would stand as over 200 young voices sang the "Hallelujah Chorus." We looked forward to it all year. It was a wonderful tradition.

I was not in the choir, but I was always in the audience. In my senior year, December, '66, I had a small, portable tape recorder. (Remember those little, reel-to-reel things?) When the audience stood up, I turned on my tape recorder. The quality is about what you would expect. But today, decades later, I have a permanent record of that most memorable event. Here... you can listen:

Hallelujah Chorus -- SHHS Choir, 1966


You're welcome.

Remember Mr. Brown?

Mr. Robert Brown taught math and calculus at Shaker from 1955 through 1985. We heard from his daughter recently:

"I would appreciate hearing from anyone who would care to tell Dad hi, or who would be willing to share a memory from one of his classes or to say thanks. He doesn't know about this; my e-mail address is (To prevent it being sucked up by a spammer, we have made it a graphic image. You cannot copy and paste as text.)

Mr. Brown's daughter concludes: "I know he would love to hear from you. Thanks for your help. Barbara Brown."

Mr. Brown is now retired and living on the beach in North Carolina. He is very active in volunteer work - Fort Macon State Park (Civil War) and Maritime Museum. Barbara confirms, "Once a teacher, always a teacher."

2006 update: Well, he knows now! We heard directly from Mr. Brown:

"This is Robert Brown, math teacher 1953-1985. Thanks for the picture sent to my daughter Barbara. I have heard from Denny Peck, Jules Steinberg and Tom Modly. Would like to hear from others. ."


If you have a high school reunion coming up, you can contact us and use the BBHQ as the focal point for your reunion. You can promote it here, post information, take reservations, and send messages to your classmates. Heck, we can even help you develop a trivia exam for your class, too.

On September 11, 2002 The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that Susan Getzendanner, SHHS '61, worked on the 57th floor of the South WTC Tower on September 11, 2001, and died during the terrorist attack. Her brother, Tom, SHHS '64, worked on the 38th floor of the same building, but was able to escape.

The Shakerite has an excellent Internet web site. Check it out here.    

We love keeping in touch with our classmates. We are graduates of SHHS, but we have no official connection to either the high school or the alumni association. The address for Shaker Heights High School is 15911 Aldersyde Drive, Shaker Heights, Ohio 44120.

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