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The BBHQ Teacher Hall of Fame

When we ask boomers to identify who has had the greatest impact on their
lives, most include a teacher near the top of their list.  Many teachers
have therefore had a profound and positive effect on hundreds of
students.  We think it is appropriate to acknowledge and thank them here
at BBHQ. Accordingly, we are now taking nominations for the BBHQ Teacher
Hall of Fame.  We expect to open the Teacher Hall of Fame here at BBHQ
in Fall, 2000.

If one of your teachers was instrumental in your development, we encourage you to nominate him/her for our Teacher Hall of Fame. To do so, please complete the form below. As always, the data you enter is for our purposes only. We will never provide it to anyone else. (Sorry, but for logistical reasons, we have to restrict our hall of fame to teachers in schools located in the U.S.)

Please be careful with your nomination; of course, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure count. They are a reflection of your education. Our grammarian-in-residence, Madam Red Dot, will be reviewing your entries very closely. You may want to do some preparation for this. We also encourage you to have other students of your favorite teacher nominate him/her, too. If your classmates do not have access to the Internet, they may send nominations to Baby Boomer HeadQuarters, P. O. Box 11611 Tampa, FL 33680.

We will use the information you provide to verify and evaluate your nomination. We will contact the school (or school district) to confirm the information you provide. If we select your teacher, we will add him/her to our online hall of fame. At that time we will contact you and let you know of our selection. We will also notify the school and the teacher (if possible). Finally we will send a notice to the local newspaper.

BBHQ is solely responsible for the selection of nominees to the BBHQ Hall of Fame. We are the sole judges and the decision of the judges is final, a-yada yada yada.

So put your thinking cap on, and get to it!

The BBHQ Teacher Hall of Fame - Nomination Form

* indicates required data; other data is not required, but it will help
us verify your information.

  Your name - * Last:     * First:

* Your e-mail address:

  Your teacher's name -
*     * Last:     First:

School where he/she taught when you were a student:
* Complete school name:
  Street address:
  School district:
* City:
* State:
  Zip code:
  Telephone number:

* In what year were you a student of this teacher?    

What subject(s) did this teacher teach?

* Why was this teacher so important to your development? Be as honest, specific, eloquent, and persuasive as you can.

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